Zalganthus Immortica Beardiegn Supremiseca Vox Dei

If you ever see it, even a glimpse of it, you run. You run as fast
as you can as far as you can. You don't stop running - you can't
stop running. It starts with the static on your T.V. , then the
lights blink out of existance. Thats when you see it. It's the
darkness in the darkness. That one patch of shadow thats too black
to even be possible. That's when you run. God help you if you lay
there, stricken with fear. God help you. Once it has you, it doesn't
let go. That's why you run. But the truly damning thing of it is -
you can't stop it. That shadow, that immortal being, that portal
into oblivion. That, is the embodiement of death itself.

I almost crapped my pants when I read this one. I'm literally right
next to a dark corner.

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