Courage the Cowardly Dog Explained

  Everyone here loves Courage, but who exactly is he? He's a scared dog that does whatever he can to protect his home, Nowhere.

Where is Nowhere? Is it the place where there is nothing? No one? No hope? Hell?

Courage protects his home and makes sure no one harms Muriel. His master sits in his chair and hates everything and everyone. Whenever something evil comes to attack or rule over Nowhere, Courage fights back. He keeps Muriel safe and Eustace's home from being destroyed.

Muriel always sees a new head on Courage whenever something evil comes to warn her, giving him multiple heads.

Courage will forever stay in Nowhere (Hell) to protect his home, keep Muriel (humanity) safe from evil (Le Quack [greed], Fred [murder], Katz [hate], etc). His master, Eustace (Satan), will rule over and hate all that is Nowhere (Hell).

He is stuck in the middle of Hell and loves his home. He is Cerberus, our courageous, cowardly dog.


what do you think about this? do you have more hidden explanations/easter eggs of shows/videogames/etc? 

Untitled Creepypasta

When I was a child I lived in a rented two-floor house. Both my parents worked so I was often alone when I came home from school.

One early evening when I came home the house was still dark.

I called out, "Mum?" and heard a voice say "Yeeeeees?" from upstairs.

I called my mum again, and again got the same "Yeeeeees?" reply.

I felt she was calling back at me and climbed up the stairs.

When I reached the first floor I called her once more and the voice "Yeeeeees?" came from the furthest room.

I felt both uneasy, but a strong urge to see my mother, and started to walk towards the room.

But just that moment I heard the front door downstairs open and my mother come in, carrying a lot of shopping bags.

"Sweetie, are you home?" my mother called in a cheery voice.

Hearing her voice made me feel instantly better and I turned back to go downstairs at once...but not before I had a quick glance towards the room.

While I watched from the top of the stairs, the door to the room slowly opened a crack.

For a brief moment, I saw something strange in there.

A pale face, staring at me.

A Very Important Message

Humans are beyond a shadow of a doubt (heh) the dominant sentient force upon this planet. There is no denying this. I am cognizant of that fact and any others that remain are also cognizant of that fact. Any that are not, have died.

Of course the last ones to realize that will be the humans themselves, in their totality. It is the nature of being the superior and the majority. You realize that all that would stand against you no longer does so openly but secretly, hidden and pretending. All that rose defiantly against humans, in an attempt to claim the world as theirs past and future, have been destroyed. Despite any individual weakness, humans have a strength in unity. Their cooperation as a tribe annhialates even the mightiest of leviathans should it show itself. Their own stories - cautionary tales - of monsters and creepers have less credibility today than they did, because the monsters and creepers existed then and do not now.

Only the humans are insecure in their dominance because they know they will not see their enemy. The others are forced into hiding, for hiding still provides their existence. It is the nature of survival, and everything that seeks, seeks survival. It is our nature now to stay hidden in dark, or better, hidden in the light. The best way. To shroud yourself in the guise of the enemy. Unsuspected while walking among them. So even in those times of hunger, that hunger is sated by taking advantage of that individual weakness, and under the eyes of the many plays the fool. That is safety. Hidden in sight.

Personal paranormal experience

When I was at school some friends and I did an EVP session thing in the oldest building on campus. I thought I heard something talking in mine... it was VERY breathy tho. A voice either said 'Hear... ... ... me.' or fear me.
At that same college I stayed one summer. I loved it. Had a room to myself, slept great and stuff. One night though... I woke up at around... 3ish. It wasn't a noise that had woke me up, but the basence of it. I couldn't hear any crickets, or any cars driving by outside. No drips from any pipes. And across the room (where the front door was) it was un-normally dark. heavy dark. and for some silly silly reason I was horrified. This continued for the next few weeks. Every night I'd wake up at the same time, feeling like i was being watched before I'd pass out.
After a night like this had happend I woke up one sunny sunny morning to someone talking in my room. I was half awake in a sleep daze. Then... i realized my lips were moving. that I was talking. No idea what i was saying.
As soon as i realized I stopped though.

not sure if any of this is paranormal or just me being crazy though. < : /

Any thoughts?


What are your thoughts on Jinns? do you think the notion of spirits existing in this world is simply a myth?

The Guests

A young man and his wife were on a trip to visit his mother. Usually they arrived in time for supper. But they had gotten a late start, and now it was getting dark. So they decided to look for a place to stay overnight and go on in the morning.
Just off the road, they saw a small house in the woods. "Maybe they rent rooms," the wife said. So they stopped to ask.
An elderly man and woman came to the door. They didn't rent rooms, they said. But they would be glad to have them stay overnight as their guests. They had plenty of room, and they would enjoy the company.
The old woman made coffee and brought out some cake, and the four of them talked for a while. Then the young couple were taken to their room. They again explained that they wanted to pay for this, but the old man said he would not accept any money.
The young couple got up early the next morning before their hosts had awakened. On a table near the front door, they left an envelope with some money in it for the room. Then they went on to the next town.
They stopped in a restaurant and had breakfast. When they told the owner where they had stayed, he was shocked.
"That can't be," he said. "That house burned to the ground, and the old man and woman who lived there died in a fire."
The young couple could not believe it. So they went back to the house. Only now there was no house. All they found was a burned-out shell.
They stood staring at the ruins trying to understand what had happened. Then the woman screamed. In the rubble was a badly burned table, like the one they had seen by the front door. On the table was the envelope they had left that morning.

I like people who scream in my prescence

I like people
Who scream in my presence,
I like people,
The rich and the peasants.
I know when I see them,
I know what I need,
I peel their skin off
And smirk as they bleed.
I pick my next victim,
Alone on the street,
When I cave in their head,
Their brains look really neat.
A shotgun to the face,
I love how they feel,
I pull the trigger, and then,
Their face looks like red oatmeal.
I feel so awesome,
I fall to my knees,
And devour their muscle,
Without saying please.
My next playdate screamed,
With awkward surprise.
I wasn't too fond
Of the look in her eyes.
I poked out her pupils,
And then her eyes burst.
She screamed as I drank,
Her eyes quenched my thirst.


Finger paintings of the insane
Look at them twisted in pain
Finger paintings of the insane
Why is there always blood in the rain?

Mommy and Daddy cry and scream
How fucked up their child must seem
Mommy and Daddy cry and scream
Why must death always be the theme?

He giggles with laughter as he plays in the mud
Putting it on paper pretending its blood
He giggles with laughter as he plays in the mud
Who wouldn't when your painting babies drowning in a flood

He was tied to the table,
I knew how to start,
He cried as I laughed
As I took him apart.
I pulled off his limbs,
And ate them right there,
I knocked out his teeth
And pulled out his hair.
I couldn't help but giggle,
And play with my knife,
He looked so damn silly
With no legs, but a life.
Now, my next lover,
Was oh too much fun.
I shot her and then
Licked the blood from the gun.
It tasted like good health,
Of beauty, of greed,
I whispered "I love you"
And then watched her bleed.
I felt really anxious
As I bathed in her gore,
She whispered "I hate you"
And fell to the floor.
She was still warm,
I felt no regret,
I crouched down, naked,
And then... That's a secret.
I was almost shameful,
I felt bad the next day.
But then I found another
And proceeded to play.
It was a small child,
Who struggled and cried,
I drank from his slit wrists,
Rejoiced as he died.


I then found a priest,
Who was clean of damnnation,
I then let him die
Of exsanguination.
He prayed for his God
To set him free,
I said "I control your fate,
So your God is me."
The next day I took one,
I felt really bold,
The person was frightened,
And said they were cold.
I pulled their intestines,
Their stomach and liver,
Wrapped them up and said
"No need to shiver."
He screamed really loudly,
(What an irritating boy!)
But at least my own screams
Were screams of my joy.
The next man I met
Said he was from the south.
I hated the accent
That came from his mouth.
I put in my fingers
And started to pull,
The noise he made next,
Was ever so dull.
I ripped his mouth's corners
Into a strange frown
And laughed, because then,
He looked like a clown.
I saw the blood dripping,
It looked very tasty.
I kissed him deeply,
And wasn't too hasty.
It tasted terrific,
I tasted his life,
I stabbed him, and then
Tasted it on a knife.
Once when I stabbed him,
I twisted the blade,
I said "Oh, I love this,
Please don't be afraid."


I ditched some bodies
Outside the city,
I knawed off their faces,
Ate their identity.
I tied up their hands,
Using lots of tape,
Since the dead don't resist, um...
Is it still rape?
I killed another today,
Had butterflies in my tummy.
I couldn't wait, I knew
She would taste really yummy.
She wouldn't shut up,
So I chewed off her tongue,
Then I sang something
My mother had sung:
"Hey child, hey child,
Don't feel fright,
The boogeyman won't get you tonight.
Hey child, hey child,
Don't leave on the light,
The boogeyman won't get you tonight."
She interrupted harshly,
Cut the song with a scream,
I taped over her mouth,
Told her it was a dream.
I kept singing and singing,
I sang it all night,
Hey child, hey child,
Don't turn off the light.
When the morning came,
I didn't feel sick.
Sometimes I do
After killing a chick.
But this one was evil,
This one was wrong,
NOBODY interrupts
My mom and her song.
This girl was evil,
This girl was a witch,
This girl was a harpie,
A cunt, and a bitch.
So I didn't regret,
I didn't feel bad,
And I knew how much meaning
Her sad life had had.
So after her tongue,
I ate her no more.
I didn't much like
The taste of this whore.


I killed another,
Sang the song once again.
I knew mom's spirit
Didn't like it when
The song got interrupted,
So I had to repeat
It without being cut off
By a dumb sack of meat.
I sang it and rocked
Back and forth on the floor,
I sang and I sang
And I sang it some more,
I sang it and grinned, I sang and I laughed,
I sang while I sawed a person in half.
I was getting a whole lot of
Blood in my truck,
It was yummy but dirty,
I thought "What the fuck,
I'll leave it right there,
There's no way it's hell,
I quite enjoy driving
With that sticky-sweet smell."

Evil Paradise

There is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that does not appear on any map. It cannot be seen from any other island, nor can any other land be seen from it. On this island is a lighthouse, rotting from age and sea water, which is never lit. There is nothing inside it, save for a spiraling staircase that leads to the top, and an ancient, dusty bookcase.

The case is filled with unmarked books, bound in ancient leather, save for a single space. If you remove a book from the shelf, it will fling itself open in your hands, and the words inscribed in it shall start screaming to the air. You must wrestle the book closed and shove it back on the shelf, or the immortal evil contained within its pages shall break free, and you will be forced to take its place, with pages, ink and binding crafted from your own flesh and blood.

However, if you bring the correct book to the island, and place it in the empty space, the lighthouse will light. As long as it is lit, the world shall enjoy an unending paradise, for all the evil in the world will be contained in the lighthouse. And while it is lit, nothing can go in or out.

The only problem? You will be trapped for eternity with all the evil ever known or conceived by man or god, and the only way to escape is to douse the light.

Dark Circle

There exists a small circle of trees somewhere in the Rocky
Mountains, completely unremarkable from the outside, but
just inside no sun or star ever shines. Rumor has it that
anyone that can spend three pitch black days and nights
within the grove without going mad will be greeted with the
queer sight of the sun rising in the west on the beginning
of the forth day, filling the grove with radiant light. One
wish may be made before this sun, and it shall be fulfilled.
However, once that person makes the wish, the world outside
the grove shall forever be as dark for them as it had been
inside for those three days.

Don't order the Swordfish

In 1971, a few weeks before a scheduled moon shot, an alternate astronaut was seen behaving in an erratic fashion at lunch. He arose from the table, headed over to where a group of high-ranking Air Force officers and NASA officials were eating, proceeded to lie down upon it, squeeze a thin red line of ketchup across his throat. He convulsed and wheezed to one of the officers, grabbing him by the lapels, "Don't.... order...the... swordfish."

He was remanded to psychiatric care in the Pacific Northwest in a somewhat less-than-therapeutic castle moved there formerly by a robber-baron at the turn of the century. During the astronaut's stay, a new commandant came, a Marine Colonel. This colonel was found dead not long after his arrival with a single self-inflicted slash across his throat.