Unwithering rose

It is said that somewhere in the desert, no one knows which desert but it is within a desert or at least a large place wholly made of sand. There stands a single unwithering red rose. Of course you could just pick it and keep it but that would just give you a never withering rose. The true power lies within the fact that if you bring it ten rose petals (Three from a pink rose, Two from a red rose and Five from a white rose.) on a new moon, a new never withering rose will sprout and you can pick it.

You can repeating this trick as long as you like and yes the roses themselves are not fake and they never wither so they make for a great gift, the only problem is that you have to find the right rose in the right desert.

It is said though if you give it a black rose and the blood of a new born goat a black rose will sprout, once that is picked, it is rumored that you will receive a rose whip but this has never been tried. The Black rose trick at least.

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