Railroad Children

My cousin and I had gone to San Antonio, and we had heard rumors of
some haunted railroad tracks. The story was, a school bus full of
children had stalled on these tracks with a train coming. The train
was going too fast for there to be time to get the children off. So
they all died. When we finally found the tracks, we stopped the car,
parking it right on the railroad tracks. We were both a little
nervous, and scared, and waited for something to happen. Just when
we were about to leave, the car started rolling. We were both too
freaked out to do any more than grab each other and gasp, eyes wide,
mouths open. After what seemed like an eternity, (but was actually
less than five minutes tops) the car stopped rolling. We looked
around, and we were off the railroad tracks.

Now, that may not seem spooky, but what we saw next scared us enough
to jump back in the car and make the six hour trip home THAT NIGHT.
Both of us got out of the car and walked around to the back. After
the first six hour drive, our car had accumulated quite a bit of dust
on it. That's not scary, no. But what was scary was the little sets
of handprints all over the back of the car. All the size of children's

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