It's your move now

I don't know where Lumberton is, or if it's by a church, but me and a friend found an abandoned house in......late August, I believe. You could tell the damn thing had been abandoned for quite some time, but only a matter of years. Damn place had rusty old school busses in it's yard and shit, and was hidden off the main road in some small woods. Some of the trash on the ground, outside and in, seemed to imply that some people had occasionally used it as a drugs/alcohol hangout. We went in there and found some retarded stuff.

Under the one bed (In what appeared to be the daughter's room.), was a boy with sex toys and shit, all of which were covered in some unidentifiable crust.

They had some nice shit though, a pool table and a bunch of those beer company lights in the basement, among other thing.

Initially, we were trying to clean it up and hold a party there, and we did clean the living room (lol @ stuffoutwindows), and while my friend took over cleaning, I looked through a desk, and found all these old tax papers and the like, which I took, so we could find out who used to live there. On our way out, we noticed that this place was rich in copper piping, so we cut off all the pipes and left them in a pile inside, because my friend had to get home.

Well, later that night, he calls me all freaked out, saying he went back there with two other people. When they got there, there was some shit blocking both driveways, so they freaked and left, and said that they all threw away all the stuff they had from the place, and he begged me to throw away the folder with the papers I had,(Which was the only thing I'd taken.), so I complied and threw it over towards my garbage cans outside at night, since I was outside at night on the phone to avoid being listened to.

The next day, him and me go back up there, park a while away, and creep over to the house, walk past the cone in the one driveway, and we go over to the front door.

A door, don't know where it's from, was sitting in the stairway leading to the basement door. (The way we had gotten in; it was unlocked.)And, even better, there was spray paint on the side of the house right above that stairwell and on the door.



Needless to say, we haven't gone back to that damn place since, and we've cursed ourselves up and down for not taking the copper when we prepared it. And, even worse, when I got home and looked over, and through, my garbage cans, the folder was gone. The only thing I can think that happened to it was that the assholes who live next door stole it or something.

Also of note though, I talked to my Dad a while back, asking if he knew anything about the house, and, as it turns out, one of his friends is watching the place.

I lolled and shat bri/x/ at the same time.

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  1. So, what boy with sex toys, like actual living boy?