Courage the Cowardly Dog Explained

  Everyone here loves Courage, but who exactly is he? He's a scared dog that does whatever he can to protect his home, Nowhere.

Where is Nowhere? Is it the place where there is nothing? No one? No hope? Hell?

Courage protects his home and makes sure no one harms Muriel. His master sits in his chair and hates everything and everyone. Whenever something evil comes to attack or rule over Nowhere, Courage fights back. He keeps Muriel safe and Eustace's home from being destroyed.

Muriel always sees a new head on Courage whenever something evil comes to warn her, giving him multiple heads.

Courage will forever stay in Nowhere (Hell) to protect his home, keep Muriel (humanity) safe from evil (Le Quack [greed], Fred [murder], Katz [hate], etc). His master, Eustace (Satan), will rule over and hate all that is Nowhere (Hell).

He is stuck in the middle of Hell and loves his home. He is Cerberus, our courageous, cowardly dog.


what do you think about this? do you have more hidden explanations/easter eggs of shows/videogames/etc? 


  1. Holy shit! Never thinked of it like that! O_O

  2. So murder is humanity's nephew? I guess it makes some sense. The bit about Courage getting a new head to Muriel confuses me though. I don't ever see that.

  3. the house was destroyed all the time
    did you watch the show?
    this is not what they meant by the show

  4. To the above Anon:

    They're referring to times when Courage turns himself into different pictures to try and talk to Muriel and warn her of danger.

  5. what about eustace mother?

  6. omg didnt think of it like that! lol. i grew up watching this cartoon and it will always be one of my all time favorites. but yea, what did eustace's mother represent? could it be bad parenting or something? idk, im just making a guess. o well, article was a good little read.