True Fear


We all fear things, but can we say we have experienced true fear?
For example, you are downstairs, on your computer when the news comes on the TV, you sit and watch intently as the news caster tells you the scores of your favourite sporting events and the average cutesy story followed by news on how the politicians have messed up.
You are about to go to bed when the news comes back on, they're talking about riots, cause by a mass break out at the local prison, murderers, rapists and madmen are free and are roaming the town. You hear noise outside and duck down, you turn off the Tv and computer followed by all the lights (so not to attract the attention of the people outside).
you slowly make it up stairs, moving quickley past your glass front door, you see the outlines of people slowly walking up your drive, you hold your breath and sprint up the stairs, you run into your room and pull the curtains shut, you leap into bed and hide under the covers, you bury your head into the pillow and cry softly, you know it will be over soon, you reasure yourself over and over but there is still something nagging at you.
You suddenly sit, bolt upright as you hear something, then at that exact moment, it dawns on you, the most horrific realisation you could imagine, you finally understand, you finally experience true fear when you realise... You didn't lock the door.


The Seven Deadly Sins


I'm writing this so that I can keep a bit of sanity...this is my suicide's the end for me...I just want this down so that others may see why death brings suffering...why you can't let one person die in your life...
My daughter got home from school at about 2 PM. Her being in a kindergarden class, they sent the little tykes home before the others. I thought that I could get in an hour or two into some TV movies. I finished at around 1:40, and exactly after I turned the television off, a ring came at the door. I walked to the door and saw a little girl with her mother, selling girl scout cookies. I happily bought them and started to eat the Tagalongs (I gave the little girl a tip, when delivering cookies in the heat of Florida, you have to have a bit of decency). About 25 minutes later, my daughter got home. "Hello daddy!" she said, throwing herself on me. I chuckled and got her some lunch. It was definitely a normal day. Until that night..
At around 1:40 A.M. my daughter screamed bloody murder. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to her room. I threw the door open, and saw my daughter huddled up in a little ball on the corner of her bed. I grabbed her quickly and turned the light on in her room. What I saw was completely chilling...I saw, written in red paint on the wall: LUST, GLUTTONY, GREED, SLOTH, WRATH, ENVY AND PRIDE; SINS OF YOUR FOREFATHERS SINS YOU CAN'T HIDE. What the hell was that supposed to mean?! The seven sins?
My daughter started to hyperventilate, and she started saying "daddydaddydaddydaddy" over and over again...I grabbed her athsma inhaler and tried to give it to her, but she was so far into an asthma attack that she really couldn't do much. I ran to my car with her and placed her in the back seat, and drove as fast as I could to a nearby hospital. We were instantly admitted, and she was saved from going into cardiac turned out that my daughter at five had heart disease.
It was about seven years later (and during those seven years) that things started to really get bad. It was Christmas time, I had a wife named Samantha, and a son named Gregory. My daughter, Haley, was 12 years old, Greg was about 4. I was loving my life. The kids were happy, Samantha and I were happy. It was great...except for the years previous...
The first year, all of the woman around me became aroused and flirted with me constantly. You wanna know why that was bad? Because every one that I rejected killed themself in some horrid gutted herself with a kitchen knife, and another hung herself from the gutter on her house. The second year, my daughter became infatuated with food, so much that her heart condition worsened. She was rushed to the hospital over 10 times during the course of the year...but when the year was up, she became anorexic, and stopped eating much altogether.
The third year, my house went into forclosure, and I became very stingy with money and food. We later found out that the landowner of our house still had rights to our land, and was stealing money out of my credit card for two years. I'm lucky that I met Samantha, and she let my daughter and I move into her home. We married in December, and had my son in October.
The fourth year, I was called by many talent agencies, asking about my amazing singing skills, which I had shown off when I sat in with a band a month before the year started. The thing is, when I said no, they would keep calling me and calling, until they became violent, calling me foul names. One of them even tried to kill me right outside my house. He shot at me with a handgun and clipped my ear.
The fifth year, I became inexplicably angry at my daughter and wife for everything. I became abusive in the month of December, but in that same month, I fell down the stairs and suffered brain damage, but so little damage that it gave me little memory of the year past. I can only recall this because my daughter told me about it.
The sixth year, my daughter became jealous of my son, getting all the attention. But I tried to tell her that babies need more attention than ten-year-olds. She became angry and violent. She eventually ran away. I called the Center For Missing And Exploited Children. They found her in the abandoned house next to us, hiding in one of the closets. She was starving, and eventually kicked her anorexia.
It was the seventh year now, and nothing had really happened at all. That is until that exacly 1:40 AM that the shit hit the fan. I heard my daughter scream, a bloodcurdling scream. I quickly ran to her room, and saw something that broke my heart and terrified me...a man stood looking at her bed, holding a sleek knife...he grabbed her and...ripped her open with the blade...oh's hard to even think about it...but he took all that remained of her...Jesus Christ...I was so proud of baby...
It's the eighth year wife left me, my son barely knows me...and I curse myself every day. My late wife, who beared my daughter...I now know that it was you who gave me this curse. You always hated me...I couldn't save you...I never could...and you hate me for it. So now...I end it all...

Hello, this is Gregory, the boy in the story. I'm 36 now, and I was given this note from the police about a year ago. This suicide note was written by my father back in 1980. I was only five years old. When my mother got the news about my father, she cried for about an hour. I was alone too...and it wasn't until ten years later that my mother gave me the real story.
She cried crocodile tears when she heard the news. The only emotion she harbored for my dad was hate. See, my father did all of those horrible things you see in the story. My father went insane at 1:40 AM in 1973, the date of his first wife and his anniversarry. The psychologist he saw when his wife died suspected that his wife's death was all his fault. He created an excuse, and based his so-called 'revenge' on the seven deadly sins.
The night of his wife's anniversary, he gave his daughter a shot of steroids, which gave her the heart condition. He killed every woman who flirted with him for one year, making their deaths look like suicides.
The second year, he stuffed his daughter full of food, making her eat the largest portions. He became upset that it did not kill her, so he made her throw up her food after every meal when the year was up.
The third year, he sold his house, and let my mom use money from his credit card. He also became abusive for many years after.
The fourth year, he claimed that he was the most talented singer ever, calling talent agencies and such. When they turned him down, he would call them foul names, and one man he even tried to kill. He shot at the man right outside of his studio, clipping him in the ear.
The fifth year, he tried to kill my mom and late sister many times, but my mother retaliated, pushing him down the stairs. He had aqquired short term memory loss and couldn't remember much about that month.
The sixth year, he drove my sister out of the house, calling her 'stupid bitch' or 'fucking whore'. She hid in the house next door when my father called a lost child agency. The forensics team quickly turned her back into our house, which my mother frequently called 'Hell'.
The seventh year, my dad was very tame. He became a very nice man, happy, and was proud of his behavior, until 1:40 A.M. On the night of his wife's anniversary, he killed my sister with a kitchen knife and fled with her remains to the Bahamas. I still cannot belive it to this very day, and at the beginning of the eighth year, he killed himself. The police force says that it was suicide, he created a makeshift noose out of organic material.
They all lie, because I know the rope was my sister.

Lil Wayne's Secret

Regardless of whether you listen to hip hop or not, I'm sure the vast majority of you has heard of Lil Wayne. His music is undoubtfully a part of pop culture, however in the past before his popularity was as high as it is today, he made a song called I Feel Like Dying. Now the actual subject matter is about what sounds like Lil Wayne's drug addiction however there have been rumors starting around 2007-2008 that the song contained a hidden message if played reveresed. As one of the many people that listened to it, I have to say I was pretty creeped out after hearing it. Some people have taken the liberty of making lyrics to the reveresed song and as expected the lyrics vary from video to video. However the content is always the same: violence, murder, and something demonic.
As a curious person I decided to do some research on the subject and I haven't found much. When Wikipedia had an article on the song briefly it said that Lil Wayne never commented on whether the rumors were true. Upon going for underground sources(I have some connections with people in the music industry) I uncovered that once during an interview Lil Wayne was asked about the rumors regarding the song and he reportedly ignored the question. When the interviewer persisted Lil Wayne just got up and left, ending the interview prematurely. Another account said that when a fan ran into him on the street and asked about the rumor, he starting yelling at him and cursing at him. When the fan kept asking, Lil Wayne assaulted him and told him to never mention the song again. There were several more accounts of things like this happening, however one of the stories involved a woman actually being murdered by fellow rappers and label mates Drake and Gudda Gudda for asking about it. Using the same music industry connections I have, I managed to get ahold of some back stage tickets at a concert he was having, however the concert wasn't for another five months so I had to put my quest for answers on pause until then.
When the day of the concert arrived I sat next to some die hard fans who kept screaming. Like most people, I'm always wondering how he became so popular despite his rap skills not being the best. But I wasn't one to question how a man makes his living so I just kicked back and enjoyed the concert. The concert itself was unbelievably hyped up. There was so much energy it was like a musician's idea of heaven. After the concert ended some hours later I went backstage and met Lil Wayne. Despite his lyrics he is actually a very sweet and homely guy. When I was introduced to him by the bodyguards, he was sitting down reading his Bible. He got up and greeted me and he introduced me to the rest of the Young Money group. Drake shook my hand then walked out of sight. Nicki Minaj gave me a hug and I wont lie, I wish that hug lasted forever. After shaking the rest of the group's hands and chatting briefly with Tyga, I sat down to talk with Lil Wayne. We discussed religion and our faith(for those who don't know Lil Wayne is a practicing Christain), the backround stories behind his songs(the song Lollipop was actually a dare by one of the song's producers, Jim Jonsin, to make a song about blow jobs to jokingly release as a single), and our lives. I was impressed by how intelligent this man really is, hes had a rough life growing up in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans and he says hes blessed to have a career as sucessful as his. I decided after about 30 minutes of chatting to bring up I Feel Like Dying. As I brought it up, his face went from happy and cheerful to just drained of its color, like if something terrified him. As we talked about the song, he had told me he was in a hard time in his life when he wrote the song, that without drugs he felt like he would die, and then he tried to change the subject. When I asked about the rumors of a hidden message in the song, he became visibly furious and denied that there was a hidden message. When I told him I had sources saying otherwise, he was now in the point of tears and told me to get the fuck out. As security was escorting me out, I managed to catch a glimpse of him clutching his Bible and chanting Bible verses over and over again. The man was now obviously afraid and now it got me more curious: why would this man just freak out and have me kicked out? I knew there was a reason and I set out to find it.
After some time has passed, I managed to get ahold of Cool and Dre. If you dont know who they are, they are 
The song reversed with supposed lyrics
The original song
hip hop producers who have produced many of Lil Wayne's songs. I chatted with them and as I mentioned the supposed hidden message in I Feel Like Dying, Dre just stomped out of the room and Cool just stood there with a frozen expression on his face. When I asked once again, he whispered to me "I can't explain here, they'll hear us, follow me." When I asked who was "they", he told me to follow him to his car. When we got to it, told me to NEVER mention what he was gonna tell me to anybody then he started the car and started driving. After fifteen minutes of driving and Cool being silent, we arrived at a large church. The church was already having sessions as I could see a swarm of people gathering inside. I followed Cool into the church and said "Alright, they can't hear us here." When I asked who, he replied with "The real producers of that song." Apparently shortly before Lil Wayne's popularity exploded, he made a pact with a demon named Murmur, that in exchange for his soul, finding a few more people to make the same pact, and allowing him to possess Lil Wayne for a short period of time, he would make him one of the the most popular rappers alive and make sure his career prospers. Lil Wayne agreed and he started looking for new talent to recruit. He said that Murmur was the true writer of the song and several of his minions were actually the producers. When Lil Wayne recorded the song, it wasn't really him, it was Murmur possessing him for the sole purpose of making the song reality. Lil Wayne has no memory of recording the song and after a few years found new recruits. Those new recruits? We know them as Young Money. All of the rappers in the Young Money group have made the same pact and Lil Wayne's deal was complete. Murmur kept his part of the deal and helped Lil Wayne's and the Young Money group's careers become sucessful. However Lil Wayne now regrets the deal because he now fears for his soul and now regularly attends church, prays fanatically, and reads his Bible every chance he gets, hoping it will be enough for God to forgive him and take back the deal. Cool then said he remembers one time going to a studio session when the song was being recorded. He said Murmur looked like a soldier with a uniform that resembled the French Foreign Legion. The color of the uniform however was a mixture of red, black, and orange, like fire and brimstone colors. His face looked strangely human, not anything you'd expect a demon to look like but his pupils were pure black. Right next to him was a strange animal next to him that resembeled a giant vulture, he said that it kept staring at him and he got extremely uncomfortable. He said Murmur spoke to Lil Wayne briefly before turning into a floating pile of dust and violently flying inside Lil Wayne's mouth. The force knocked him down and he started violently choking and vomiting some foul smelling yellow substance. When it ended, Lil Wayne/Murmur went to the recording booth and started recording the normal song. He looked behind him and saw 2 very large demonic creatures mixing the songs and playing around with the instrumentals. The larger demon looked at him with glaring bloodshot eyes and said in a low booming voice to leave the room. Then Cool told me "Now you know everything, never tell anybody you heard this from me, everybody involved in the making of that song is not supposed to reveal its true origins. Thats why Lil Wayne gets aggressive when asked about it, they will drag us straight to hell if we ever told. Do you listen to Lil Wayne or the other Young Money artists? Their lyrics aren't good, in fact, they flat out suck. It's beacuse of the pact is why they are so successful, the forces of hell make sure the weak minded people who listen to their music gets sucked in and asks for more. Now tell me your address, I'll drive you home." After driving me home, I watched him get drive off extremely quick and recklessly.
I kept replaying everything over and over in my mind, I couldn't believe it was true. But I guess this is pretty common, there are successful music artists who don't really have much talent today who are actually really popular. While it would be retarded to assume they made the same pact as Lil Wayne, it doesn't hurt to keep an open mind. Next time you hear conspiracy theories about popular artists selling their souls to the devil, keep an open mind. Because with some research, you might just find it true.