In Korea, a lot of students are forced by their parents to do a lot of studying and do well academically. It's not uncommon for students to go back to school at night to do extra studying.
One night this girl was back at school studying with a group of students. The room they were in was the only light in the whole building, which dimly flowed down the hallway outside.
In the middle of her studies, she decided to take a break and went to the toilets down the hall. She proceeded back to her fellow students, when she suddenly heard a bunch of chilling, horrific screams eminating from the clasoom. And just as abruptly as they had started, the building fell deathly quiet once again.
Fearing the worst, she crept back towards the clasoom making sure not to make a sound. She peered inside the clasoom and lo and behold, all her peers lay strewn across the floor. Limp, lifeless and their faces dashed with blood. Their in the midst of the room was a pale white figure, a ghost of a young girl in a white gown with long black hair that veiled her face.
The girl had heard of this ghost before. It attacked people in the late hours of the night, harvesting its victims for their eyeballs. The girl could not run without making a sound and attracting the attention of the ghost. Instead, she slipped in the the bathroom and smeared her eyes with blood and lay there amongst the bodies pretending to be dead. She held her eyes shut tight and dared not move, hoping the ghost would soon leave and she could make her escape.
She could hear the ghost make the rounds through the room, shuffling from one corpse to the next, counting in chilling, soft voice "One, two... One, two... One, two..." as it plucked the eyeballs of the deceased.
This went on for several minutes, but the girl remained motionless. "One, two... One, two... One, two..." And still the ghost continued to count. The girl became anxious, curious as to why the ghost had not left. But she remained still, knowing what horrific fate might await her if she foiled her plan. But still the ghost continued to count "One, two... One, two..." and curiosity got the better of her. She summoned the courage to take a peak, making sure to remain still whilst she slowly opened her eyes to survey the room...
And there was the ghost, staring back at her. It's, pale, emaciated finger pointing at the girls' eyes, from one eye to the other as it counted "One, two... One, two... One, two..."


Since before I can remember, I've wanted to be a mother. It seemed my whole childhood and teenager years were spent yearning for a child of my own. By the time I was nine, I had names and color schemes for the nursery picked out. All I needed was someone to make them with. But college was disappointing. I went through a while string of bad boyfriends and bad father material.
Getting on with my career didn't seem to help much. I realized, though, when I was twenty-seven - and there were no suitable prospects on the line - that, technically, I didn't need a man to have a child with. I found a sperm donor bank, chose the best prospect they had, got out my turkey baster and... well... hoped for the best.
I was overjoyed when my first pregnancy test came out positive. My doctor was surprised to see me coming in sooner than he'd expected. Before I was four weeks along, I had the nursery painted and the furniture set up. Toys and diapers, bottles and books, bibs and coveralls... I had everything a new mother would need.
I couldn't explain all the weightt I was losing, however. I kept getting thinner - everything except for my belly. My friends all joked that it had to be at least twins, or the biggest baby they'd ever seen.
I got weary of the kicking somewhere in the third trimester... and the scratching.
Just one more week until my due date.
I just wish it would stop gnawing.


In the time of WWII, the U.S. military was in dire need for an aid against the Axis Powers. They would find themselves looking for this aid in their own American people, but these people were not innoscent. They were rapists, murders, all kind of convicts you could imagine. The U.S. had already been experimenting with a type of super-DNA that would be used experimentally on these convicts, and with success would soon be used on our own soldiers.
During this time period there was much espionage going on between both powers (Alllies and Axis). The most serious account of this was when the Germans sent a spy into the U.S. military in means to capture this project. This task was successfully carried out by German spy; Emil Augsberg.

Once in captivity, the S.S. were experimenting on making the project more powerful. With the super-

DNA in their possesion, they began research on Jewish captives in concentration camps. They knew nothing about the required dosage of the DNA, so they were basically winging it. On June 6 1942, their experiments came to a shocking hault, for what the scientists saw that day would forever change their lives.
For the past few months, they had been working on a "superhuman" body to host the super-DNA. On this date, they walked into their testing chamber to find the body missing. The next day, three bodies were found on the floor, all disembowled, and faces missing. They then found the last scientist, propped in a chair. His arm was removed, and there was a box by his feet. A picture of the contents of the box is shown above. It holds a 9mm pistol, with 1 magazine, a combat knife, a letter (pictured below), and a cruedly drawn picture of what we think is the monster. This picture also says "Luce" over and over again across the bottom.
This note was found in the box. We have translated it from German to Engilsh.

"The creature has shown very little success in cooperation. We thought it would help but we were very soon proved wrong. Now I believe the creature is after me.

I am the last scientist.

I am alone. 
I am alone.
I am alone.

I am not alone.


There is a signature that almost looks like Augsberg, but it is crossed out.

No further sightings have been reported of the creature. It is assumed dead.