Astronaut idea

Astronaut encounters another astronaut also floating through space. The 2nd astronaut is missing a clean half in his depleted jet pack. (Like it was cut with a laser). Second astronaut says he has a message for the 1st astronaut.

2nd astronaut tells the 1st that there is a rip in the universe up ahead. They drift past. 2nd astronaut keeps on drifting as does the 1st, they pass, and continue on their drift to nowhere. 2nd astronaut eventually fades off away cos of distance.

1st astronaut then gets pulled into the universe tear. Enters the area between universes. Gets absorbed by another universe. That universe suffered a universal error and crashed. Everything is frozen in time, except for the astronaut. he floats right on and eventually floats onto a planet (even gravity is broken). Crashes into some form of blur trees (or whatever color). Uses trees to land. His movement of the trees causes the universe to slowly kick start itself back into functionality. he jumps out of the re-starting gravitational field, trying to get back into space to get off the planet (otherwise he'd be stuck there with no way home). he drifts, and watches comets start flying again and planets start spinning again. He floats..

And floats...

And floats some more...

And as a twist, he keeps on floating.

eventually floats up to a frozen black hole and floats inside (gravity hasn't re-reached this part yet). Just floats right on through. The moment before he fully exits the black hole's other side, it re-activates, and promptly his side closes on him.

It misses him entirely, but it does shear the back off of his jet pack.

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