A Very Important Message

Humans are beyond a shadow of a doubt (heh) the dominant sentient force upon this planet. There is no denying this. I am cognizant of that fact and any others that remain are also cognizant of that fact. Any that are not, have died.

Of course the last ones to realize that will be the humans themselves, in their totality. It is the nature of being the superior and the majority. You realize that all that would stand against you no longer does so openly but secretly, hidden and pretending. All that rose defiantly against humans, in an attempt to claim the world as theirs past and future, have been destroyed. Despite any individual weakness, humans have a strength in unity. Their cooperation as a tribe annhialates even the mightiest of leviathans should it show itself. Their own stories - cautionary tales - of monsters and creepers have less credibility today than they did, because the monsters and creepers existed then and do not now.

Only the humans are insecure in their dominance because they know they will not see their enemy. The others are forced into hiding, for hiding still provides their existence. It is the nature of survival, and everything that seeks, seeks survival. It is our nature now to stay hidden in dark, or better, hidden in the light. The best way. To shroud yourself in the guise of the enemy. Unsuspected while walking among them. So even in those times of hunger, that hunger is sated by taking advantage of that individual weakness, and under the eyes of the many plays the fool. That is safety. Hidden in sight.