I like people who scream in my prescence

I like people
Who scream in my presence,
I like people,
The rich and the peasants.
I know when I see them,
I know what I need,
I peel their skin off
And smirk as they bleed.
I pick my next victim,
Alone on the street,
When I cave in their head,
Their brains look really neat.
A shotgun to the face,
I love how they feel,
I pull the trigger, and then,
Their face looks like red oatmeal.
I feel so awesome,
I fall to my knees,
And devour their muscle,
Without saying please.
My next playdate screamed,
With awkward surprise.
I wasn't too fond
Of the look in her eyes.
I poked out her pupils,
And then her eyes burst.
She screamed as I drank,
Her eyes quenched my thirst.


Finger paintings of the insane
Look at them twisted in pain
Finger paintings of the insane
Why is there always blood in the rain?

Mommy and Daddy cry and scream
How fucked up their child must seem
Mommy and Daddy cry and scream
Why must death always be the theme?

He giggles with laughter as he plays in the mud
Putting it on paper pretending its blood
He giggles with laughter as he plays in the mud
Who wouldn't when your painting babies drowning in a flood

He was tied to the table,
I knew how to start,
He cried as I laughed
As I took him apart.
I pulled off his limbs,
And ate them right there,
I knocked out his teeth
And pulled out his hair.
I couldn't help but giggle,
And play with my knife,
He looked so damn silly
With no legs, but a life.
Now, my next lover,
Was oh too much fun.
I shot her and then
Licked the blood from the gun.
It tasted like good health,
Of beauty, of greed,
I whispered "I love you"
And then watched her bleed.
I felt really anxious
As I bathed in her gore,
She whispered "I hate you"
And fell to the floor.
She was still warm,
I felt no regret,
I crouched down, naked,
And then... That's a secret.
I was almost shameful,
I felt bad the next day.
But then I found another
And proceeded to play.
It was a small child,
Who struggled and cried,
I drank from his slit wrists,
Rejoiced as he died.


I then found a priest,
Who was clean of damnnation,
I then let him die
Of exsanguination.
He prayed for his God
To set him free,
I said "I control your fate,
So your God is me."
The next day I took one,
I felt really bold,
The person was frightened,
And said they were cold.
I pulled their intestines,
Their stomach and liver,
Wrapped them up and said
"No need to shiver."
He screamed really loudly,
(What an irritating boy!)
But at least my own screams
Were screams of my joy.
The next man I met
Said he was from the south.
I hated the accent
That came from his mouth.
I put in my fingers
And started to pull,
The noise he made next,
Was ever so dull.
I ripped his mouth's corners
Into a strange frown
And laughed, because then,
He looked like a clown.
I saw the blood dripping,
It looked very tasty.
I kissed him deeply,
And wasn't too hasty.
It tasted terrific,
I tasted his life,
I stabbed him, and then
Tasted it on a knife.
Once when I stabbed him,
I twisted the blade,
I said "Oh, I love this,
Please don't be afraid."


I ditched some bodies
Outside the city,
I knawed off their faces,
Ate their identity.
I tied up their hands,
Using lots of tape,
Since the dead don't resist, um...
Is it still rape?
I killed another today,
Had butterflies in my tummy.
I couldn't wait, I knew
She would taste really yummy.
She wouldn't shut up,
So I chewed off her tongue,
Then I sang something
My mother had sung:
"Hey child, hey child,
Don't feel fright,
The boogeyman won't get you tonight.
Hey child, hey child,
Don't leave on the light,
The boogeyman won't get you tonight."
She interrupted harshly,
Cut the song with a scream,
I taped over her mouth,
Told her it was a dream.
I kept singing and singing,
I sang it all night,
Hey child, hey child,
Don't turn off the light.
When the morning came,
I didn't feel sick.
Sometimes I do
After killing a chick.
But this one was evil,
This one was wrong,
NOBODY interrupts
My mom and her song.
This girl was evil,
This girl was a witch,
This girl was a harpie,
A cunt, and a bitch.
So I didn't regret,
I didn't feel bad,
And I knew how much meaning
Her sad life had had.
So after her tongue,
I ate her no more.
I didn't much like
The taste of this whore.


I killed another,
Sang the song once again.
I knew mom's spirit
Didn't like it when
The song got interrupted,
So I had to repeat
It without being cut off
By a dumb sack of meat.
I sang it and rocked
Back and forth on the floor,
I sang and I sang
And I sang it some more,
I sang it and grinned, I sang and I laughed,
I sang while I sawed a person in half.
I was getting a whole lot of
Blood in my truck,
It was yummy but dirty,
I thought "What the fuck,
I'll leave it right there,
There's no way it's hell,
I quite enjoy driving
With that sticky-sweet smell."


  1. that fucking clown is scary as hell

  2. i loved ur poem... some parts are weak... but some parts are AWESOME!

  3. Am I the only one who thought "Hmm... I think this guy must be best friend's with Dr. Richtofen." (In case you don't know him, he is on COD:Black Ops: Zombies! He is a mad nazi scientist whose plan to make super-soldiers, like every story, failed tragically. They all turned to zombies. Him and 3 other top secret people (Tank Dempsey: American/Marines. Nikolai: Russian/Red Army. Takeo: Korean/???. Edward Richtofen: German/Nazi, Illuminati, and The Bell. He went psycho and has schizophrenia. He's actually quite humorous if you look him up on Youtube. Others who of him, YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT:D!

  4. This is pretty Juggalo isnt it.

  5. this website is messed up